Start with your brand story or waste operational money on ineffective branding, marketing, advertising, website, social media, sales collateral and other critical communications.

Check your story

What do your executives, staff, employees, customers, stakeholders, vendors, and peers say about your company when you ask them? Ask 12 to 15 questions that get to the core of what you’re about and why that matters. Go deep.

Elevate your story

Transcribe the interview responses. Find story themes and elements that will resonate with your most profitable prospects and customers. The marketplace is crowded and noisy, and everyone is playing it safe and claiming the same things.

Write your story

Make it true. Make it epic! Since the dawn of humankind people have been telling stories. We do it because it is the most powerful way to instill a belief system and make meaning of life. To establish identity and reinforce values. Classic story telling techniques are hard-wired into our brains and collective consciousness.

Live your story

You own it. It’s the one thing your competition can’t replicate. It guides and simplifies the strategic decision-making of those responsible for business, brand, sales and communications strategies.