When you write the story pitch it forward. Paint a picture of what the future looks like when you succeed.  In addition to your future state, does the story declare or imply your relevance or difference?

Create different templates before you write the story. This organizes your mind around your brand attributes, themes and helps to suggest what the climax of the story might be.  Here are some ideas to think about for the template. Feel free to create your own.

Your DNA — Water is always H2O. While its form and direction may change the molecules are constant.

Brand Driver — The driver is both focused and grand in scope. It lays out a clearly defined path with no end in sight. Stakeholders can take this and run with it. It provides clear parameters while allowing future growth and evolution of the brand.

Ground Truth — What will you defend with a knife clenched in your teeth? Don’t say ‘quality.” Go much deeper.

What you do – Be willing to be esoteric rather than literal. Something other than the product you make or the activity you offer may matter more to your customer. Harley Davidson manufactures and sells motorcycles. Yes, that’s what they do. What makes the brand legendary is that the other thing they do is make riders feel bad ass when you drive one.

How does it work?

Brand Vision – Future State — Describe where you are going…what does your change look like?

Brand Mission – The belief system that gets you there — What do you value? Don’t be a cliché.

High Concept – Keep it simple — Bum from the neighborhood goes the distance with the champ = ROCK … Killer shark = JAWS

What trend are you riding?

You lose the power if?

You can maintain and nurture your power if?

Your brand promise

If your brand is the solution what was the problem?

Your manifesto — Look at Hewlett Packard’s The Garage

Now your ready to write the narrative version. Here are ways to approach it. These are great exercises:

You also want to create a different set of talking points for:

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