01. Brand Strategy

02. Branding Workshops

03. Personal Branding and Leadership Communications

  1. 01. Brand Strategy

    The point of business is to get and keep the most profitable customers and the most passionate and loyal employees and stakeholders.

    Let us take you on a brand-story journey to find your core truth and higher purpose.  Together we'll turn that into an epic story that has life force and magnetism. Your brand story is the only thing you own outright that your competition can’t replicate. Use it to gain competitive advantage. Tie it to your strategy. Highlight your difference. Attract your natural audience.

    Story Audits and Brand Platforms
    Leaders come to me for brand strategy, insight, advice, answers, and activation. Because the process is grass-roots and organic, buy-in from staff and stakeholders begins right away.

    Four Phases:
    1. Conducting the Story Audit uncovers how your story is perceived.
    2. Synthesizing the raw material from the story audit highlights what concepts and story elements have resonance and power.
    3. Crafting The Narrative keeps the facts, changes the context, and puts your audience inside the story.
    4. Creating a Brand Management System and Communications Platform gives you and your staff clarity and confidence and gives your message impact and consistency across a variety of integrated media.

    This unique and creative process can take 2 to 4 months, depending on your schedule.

  2. 02. Branding Workshops

    Our branding workshops will help you decide:

    At your core what are you about?
    What you do want?
    Why does that matter?
    What you are for?
    What you are against?
    What makes you unique?
    What’s your concept?
    What are you really selling?
    Who wants to buy that and what’s their story?

    Then, how will you signify those values and beliefs? This is branding! Civilizations have been using story (mythology) since the dawn of human kind. At Peter Davis Branding we’re showing you what, subconsciously, you already know. It’s not a gimmick or a proprietary process you pay an agency with layers of account management for.

    Our Workshops page has some ideas to get you started. All the workshops can be scaled to your budget and customized to align with your strategic business need. They can be 2 hours, all day, or conducted progressively over time. They’re unique, productive, and great for team-building, professional development, and creating a culture of collaboration and innovation.

  3. 03. Personal Branding and Leadership Communications

    Personal Branding and Leadership Communications

    Want to rise to the top and make your mark? In transition, off balance, and not sure what your story is? In a position to lead and no one is following? Personal branding can help.

    Find out—at your core—what you’re all about. Define your higher purpose. Ignite your passion. Unleash your personal power. Communicate your vision in the form of a compelling story that people want to play role in. Typically four session over four weeks.

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