Thoughts on Branding

  1. 5 Questions That Matter With Heather Mizeur

    Interview by Peter Davis Photograph by Theresa Keil Describe your leadership style. I’m interested in creating a transformational shift […]

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  2. There’s Profit in Listening

    Contact your most profitable clients and offer to listen to what they have to say about your offerings and your company. From the results you’ll know whether it’s time to repair or nurture the relationship, or if you have the green light to ask for new business.

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  3. How I came to brand strategy consulting

    Branding is a way of signifying through story, symbols and metaphor, what you believe in and why it matters. It’s a beacon to attract fellow believers to the cause.

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  4. Attract your most profitable customers

    Your story is the one thing you own that your competition can’t replicate.

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